WINNER- The Times ‘citizen traveller’ travel photography competition

My little primate friend below has been good to me! His spiky hair antics have won me a competition or two along with a few prizes. Most recently, he secured the runners up spot in The Telegraph‘s Big Picture travel photo competition. Take a look here.


This time round, after some dedicated tire swinging and banana eating, he has managed to secure a winning postion in The Times weekly ‘Citizen Traveller’ photography competition. Along with a printed segment in the paper I was lucky enough to win a big professional print of my monkey mate, now hung proudly on my wall.


Take a look at my other monkey moments or at the original blog post– complete with some ‘behind the shot’ info.

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  2. Sophie Carr April 12, 2013

    Well done! Great photo and I love the eyes. Not sure I’d want him on my bedroom door staring at me though! Interestingly, when I won in the Times competition a couple of years ago the Telegraph (who’d given me runner up the previous week with the same shot) emailed me and had a go at me for entering the photo in both competitions and then removed my photo and have blackballed me ever since! – did you have any problems?)

    • winegums April 12, 2013

      Thanks! I didn’t have the same problem no – perhaps they just did not notice this time? It seems a bit much for them to get to annoyed! As far as I saw, they did not say that you could not enter in any other competitions and even if they did it’s not really fair! You took the picture and if it happens to be good enough to get both a runners up and winners position then its just a good photo. I would love to see it by the way! Do you have a link?

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