Day 207- Fire Flies- part 1

Shutter Speed: 30 seconds, Aperture: F/5, ISO: 200

As spring breaks into summer in Japan the fire flies come out of their winter hiding places- little glowing dots blinking in the darkness, brightening up the rainy season with a bit of wonder. Every year, Yamaguchi city hosts a festival to showcase them- food and drink and a pretty riverside stroll perfect for fire-fly spotting.

I was a little sceptical whether we would see many, imagining it one of those things which sound better than they actually are. However, when we set ourselves up on a little bridge for a look I was pleasantly surprised by a kaleidoscope of lights, peacefully blinking on and off like the best fairy lights you can imagine.

I propped my camera on a post for a long exposure, blurring the fire flies into beams of green as they drifted around.

I later found out that nature had received a helping hand, a hoard of fire flies were released earlier in the evening specially for the occasion. It spoilt the magic slightly, but didn’t distract too much from a surreal and beautiful sight.

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