Day 166- Spot the Geisha

Geisha’s are quintessentially Japanese, symbolic and iconic. However, they are equally as hard to spot- like a rare bird. Therefore, I was very excited to see one on a recent trip to Kyoto. Wandering the windy streets of Gion, she emerged in front of me, rolling out of a traditional tea house accompanied by an entourage of important looking people. Gion is swathed in hoards of tourists and locals alike, making it very difficult to get a photo and resigning me mostly to shots from behind. Still, my citing ticked off another thing on my list of must see’s in Japan.


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    • winegums July 11, 2012

      Thanks! Its so true- they are hard to spot and when you do you have to stalk them down the street like a lion trying to get a glimpse of their face. It seem rude to run past them and start firing away with your camera!

  1. ashesm June 19, 2012

    Wow, I love the Kimono clad woman! I never did have the pleasure of going to mainland (my husband and I lived on Oki for 4 years) What do you love about Japan? What do you dislike?

    • winegums July 11, 2012

      She was a proper Geisha! In Gion! I was very happy, something quintessentially Japanese ticked off the list. I live in the countryside teaching little Japanese kids English- I suppose what I love is being immersed in such a different culture and how much Japanese people welcome you and want you to get involved. As for dislikes, I have eaten some very odd things. Turtle arm soup being the strangest. How about you?

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