Day 140- Walking the dog

Hagi, my home in Japan, is famous as a Samurai town- full of quaint old streets with traditional white washed walls. It is a popular destination for Japanese tourists, bustling in big tour groups to look at the old Samurai houses and castle ruins. People wander the streets in traditional Samurai dress to compliment the tourist experience. I often see this man out and about, walking his dog still donning his Samurai uniform, sword at his waist.

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      • Vividhunter April 23, 2012

        I’m glad you like them ^^ I’m in Hikone, Shiga. I went to Hagi a few years ago, but it was in the late afternoon and I didn’t get to appreciate the town much. Looks like a nice place to live

        • winegums April 24, 2012

          It is a nice place to live, very pretty! Has some Samurai history as well as a great beach. It’s sometimes a little small for me being a London city boy. What do you do in Japan?

          • Vividhunter April 24, 2012

            Yeah a bit different from London, I’d imagine, though having a beach might make up for it. Wakayama at 400k was the biggest city I’d ever lived in 😛 Australian cities are small…

            I’ve been a teacher here for 4 years, but this year I’m not working, which is scary, but hoping to make some documentaries with my husband, study more Japanese and… blog I guess 😛 What are you doing?

            • winegums April 30, 2012

              I am teaching English for a year on the JET program. I had never done any teaching before so it has been a very interesting experience. Do you teach in schools or private classes?

              • Vividhunter April 30, 2012

                JET teaching hey? I’ve never done that, but I hear it can be tough. Everyone has a different experience – being a tape recorder or being expected to teach the whole class. Are you intending to only stay one year?

                I’ve taught both. At GEOS I taught kids in small groups and private lessons and then with EAC, a small private school in Ibaraki, I taught in kindergarten classrooms. I enjoyed the kindergarten class work a lot. What age group are you teaching?

                • winegums May 13, 2012

                  Yeah just the one year. The situation does vary lots but I’m pretty lucky, I usually just assist and run a warm up activity or something. I teach between the ages of 5 and 16. Though mostly junior high.

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