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  1. Rob K November 14, 2011

    We got some trick or treating here at K10.. at first we were like who tf is that? (you gota be careful in these endz lol) Then shea and I had to dash off to Iceland to grab aload of crap for the little blighters. We had left overs and were demolished. Thus was my Oct 31st. Thoughts?

    • winegums November 15, 2011

      Haha- sound a pretty good Halloween. Mine was spent in an Irish pub run by this Japanese guy who randomly lived in Ireland. There was supposed to be a Beatles tribute band but that turned out to be just one song- the rest were Japanese. We didn’t get any trickle treaters round Tooting ends last year- despite Carl buying loads of stuff. I guess it doesn’t really extend to Asian culture? I thought there was going to be loads, kids round those ends are up till all hours. There were families in afters at 2am.

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