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Day 353 – final visit

As this blog nears its end, this is the first goodbye to a place that has featured a fair few times. The last shots from what became my ‘go to’ temple when I felt like grabbing my camera and venturing out to take a few photographs. Below, I have also included a little gallery of […]


Day 347 – hagi

A sunset view over my home town of Hagi – the reds and oranges creating amber mirrors of the rice paddies in the foreground and mingling mysteriously with the islands in the distance.


Day 324 – cant see the mist for the trees

Yamaguchi prefecture (my Japanese home) is one of the most rural in Japan. Getting from one place to another means traversing sweeping mountain vistas, a mist-laden hillside on one side and enchanting countryside on the other. Roads wander blindly through dense forest; snake dramatic mountain passes; meander quaint rice paddies; endlessly wind along dramatic coastal […]