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Day 3- The Lights of Toyko

Exhausted from a lack of sleep and traipsing the streets of Tokyo we scaled the stairs of the Tokyo Government building with the promise of a spectacular view. The cityscape did not disappoint and I think sums up Tokyo quite well- a sprawling maze of neon, tall buildings and confusing things. I have to say […]


Day 2- The Drinks of Tokyo

My second day in Japan was mostly spent either sleeping, or trying not to fall asleep. So, in order to try and wake ourselves up, we decided a drink might be a good idea. After meandering through the streets of Tokyo for a while, we settled on a traditional looking bar and proceeded to wade […]


Day 1- The Streets of Tokyo

Having arrived in Tokyo after a lovely 12 hour flight we took to the streets like jet lagged zombies to have a look around. Tokyo’s overwhelming size and our dishevelled state lead us to wander, not really knowing where we were going- just tourists in a new place seeing what we could find. We ran […]