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Day 112- The Shinkansen- Part 3

Waiting for my train, a Shinkansen flew into the opposing platform and stopped for a while. I like how the windows create a repeating pattern, each a porthole into a different person’s journey- some sleeping, some on their phones, others just sat contemplating life. Everyone in the same place, at the same time, but for […]


Day 111- The Shinkansen- Part 2

The Shinkansen is Japan’s high-speed rail network, dissecting the country at 300km per hour (186 mph). Like a bullet through Japan, you can feel it approach in your stomach and the world is cast into a daze as it hurtles past. I featured it on my blog once before (The Shinkansen- Part 1) but can […]


Day 18- The Shinkansen- Part 1

Hagi isn’t the biggest of places and after a few weeks we were ready to go exploring. We decided on Fukuoka, a city on Kyushu island. This gave us an excuse to ride the Shinkansen- Japan’s bullet train, reaching speed of up to 300 km per hour. I didn’t really know what to expect and […]