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Day 67- A Shell

On the beach in Okinawa, amidst a carpet of coral, I spotted this shell and thought it was worth a photo. I got someone to pose in the background to make the composition more interesting and took the photo as quickly as possible, before it’s inhabitant decided to crawl off.


Day 66- Parrot Photography

Wandering down the main tourist strip in Naha (the Okinawan capital) we spotted this parrot, chatting away as people tried to photograph him. He was a moody little guy, shuffling to the other side of the cage and snapping at fingers through the bars- doing his best not to appear in any photos.


Day 65- Dragons in Okinawa

Okinawa is a part of Japan, though you can list the similarities on one hand- 1.The language… maybe one finger. They are a tropical set of islands with their own unique culture- a laid back Caribbean version of Japan. I used one of Japans many extended weekends for a visit, choosing a small island off […]