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Day 128- Nagasaki Lantern Festival- Part 2

Shutter Speed: 5 seconds, Aperture: F/18, ISO: 100 See part one here. The festival centres around China town- it’s promenade draped in light as thousands of revellers jostle their way past restaurants and street vendors towards a central square of celebration, acrobatics and dancing. The ceiling was awash with light, incandescent and luminous, a twinkling […]


Day 127- Nagasaki Lantern Festival- Part 1

Shutter Speed: 10 seconds, Aperture: F/14, ISO: 100 Every Chinese New Year Nagasaki lights up in a spectacular maze of lanterns. Spreading from China town outwards, the streets gleam with light and the rivers twinkle reflection. Thousands of people descend- to gawp at the display, eat Chinese street food and watch traditional dances. This is […]