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The deer of Miyajima island and Nara park.


Day 277 – Bambi’s dinner

I took this in Nara, near Kyoto. Nara is home both to the spectacular Todai-ji temple and hundreds of roaming deer. Cute yet mischievous, they will seduce you with a big doey eyes before audaciously snatching your packed lunch and running away giggling. Unlike at the zoo, feeding them is openly encouraged. Food vending machines […]


Day 163- The deer of Nara

Nara is another of Japan’s gems! It is home to the Great Buddha; an awe-inspiring effigy, grandiosely housed within the largest wooden structure in the world (keep an eye out for future posts). Located just a skip and a jump from Kyoto it made the perfect day trip during a recent trip to see the […]