Day 365 – Monkey Moments- Part 21 AND Monkey News

So this is it, Day 365. I will wrap up the project with a little summary soon but for now it seems fitting to finish with another monkey moment. The red-faced monkeys from the Jigokudani Monkey Park have had a regular spot on this blog and have won me a few photography awards along the way – even making their way onto an album cover. They have also inspired the name for my new photography website – Take a look for my full travel portfolio.

monkey news

The monkey in the video below demonstrates where the phrase ‘cheeky monkey’ comes from. The primate pick-pocket was caught stealing YouTube user MocholilaoTV’s, GoPro – recording himself for ninety seconds before he managed to crack open the camera’s case and remove the battery.

Eventually a temple at the worker managed to get the camera back, trading it for some bananas and the promise of police immunity.

Original Source – PetaPixel.

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