Day 357 – Monkey Moments- Part 20 AND Monkey News

Some more cheeky monkeys in Jigokudani Monkey Park, Nagano prefecture.japanese-snow-monkey

monkey news

Another in the series of ‘monkey news’ (see part one and part two).

In early 2013, the Iranian Government released some pictures of a monkey. A monkey they claimed to have sent on a successful round-trip into space.


The simian space traveller’s flight caused a bit of controversy. Not only does the poor little guy look a little scared, sources in the media called into question whether the flight had ever taken place and whether the monkey survived. The photos released of the monkey pre and post launch added fuel to the conspiracy, the monkey mug shots appearing to show two different primates –


Source’s – Petapixel and the Independent.

The other monkey moments so far –

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