Day 328 – hanami

In Japanese they have a saying at this time of year, it roughly translates to ‘three days cold, four days warm’, beckoning in the spring after a long cold winter. Spring is a perfect time in Japan, mostly due to the cherry blossom bloom – bustling cities, sleepy villages, pretty parks and peaceful temples are transformed into other worldly dreamscapes, sprinkled with a layer of fluffy pink petals. Friends and family descend on the local parks for hanami, picnicking beneath the cherry trees with a plentiful supply of sake.

I took these photos at a hanami with some friends of mine.

Please click on any of the images to see a a full size version.




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  1. Kezia Lee Mintra April 10, 2014

    thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us i would dearly love to visit japan, i adore the cherry blossom tree and tried to plant one in my garden i don’t think it has survived though, thank you again i loved seeing these gorgeous pictures, i hope you have a wonderful day x

    • winegums May 2, 2014

      Thanks! Definitely go to Japan if you get the chance, it is an amazing place to be a tourist πŸ™‚ Spring and Autumn are the best times, the winter is a tad to cold and the summer a tad too warm πŸ™‚ Have a great day! Also I like your blog’s name – my childhood pet cat was called Kizzie πŸ™‚

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