Day 322 – a pair of temples

Shutter Speed: 10 seconds, Aperture: F/10, ISO: 100

Kyoto is overflowing with temples! There are big boisterous ones, small serene ones, gold ones (honestly), silver one (sort of), rustic old ones and charming new(er) ones.

There are so many I can’t remember exactly which these two are or where they are.


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    • winegums March 18, 2014

      Thanks for putting a name to the temple 🙂 I’m pretty sure I remember where in Kyoto it is but all the names sort of blur into one. What was your favourite site in Kyoto?

      • Lady Caladium March 21, 2014

        No problem. Hm, favorite site…that’s a hard one. I enjoyed wandering around back streets a lot. Yasaka was great and although crowded on New Year’s Eve, it was amazing when they lit the fires. Kennin-ji was the most relaxing. If I had to pick one I would say Yasaka because of the atmosphere during New Year’s. Although, Kiyomizu-dera during Obon is awesome when they open up the inside of the temple.

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