Day 314 – caught in the rain (re-edited)

One of the first photos I took in this project remains one of my favourites – Day 9 – Caught in the RainIt was even lucky enough to a receive a runners up sport in TNT magazines travel photography competition. Whilst looking back at old photos I stumbled across the original, un-edited file – along with a host of other images I took of the same scene.

I had forgotten how great the light had been, a perfect twilight glow beaming soft orange hues across the scene. I started to question my original choice to convert the image to black and white image…

Below I have posted a few (new) colour edits along with the (old) back and white image.

Which do you prefer?



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      • iblogstr8sicit February 15, 2014

        Yes I was teaching some english, my husban was teaching for the Department of Defense as a teacher on the navy base. We were stationed in Yokosuka; however, we were not military and had to live off base. Due to an over crowding. it’s one of the smallest bases in Japan I miss the Buddhist culture, gracious people, and the entire atmosphere of the country.

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