Day 298 – castle grounds

This is a guest blog post by my mate Matt, a great video he made in Hagi City‘s beautiful castle grounds. You can see some photos I took there during cherry blossom season here.

Take a look at some more of Matt’s videos here. There is some great stuff!

Over to Matt –

“For the best part of the 17th and 18th centuries the Moori Family owned a sizeable share of Japan’s central island – Honshu. This was their back yard.

I rushed down here with my camera after work, hoping to catch some of the evening light and found that I had the whole place to myself. I’d chosen a good day too, as the garden seemed to be at the peak of its climb through spring.

On this day, more so than usual, I felt a tremendous sense of ease in the garden; as though we were relaxing together, away from the expectant eyes of tourists. This was the feeling I hoped to capture with this short video.

The music is a piece that Brian Eno wrote, to be played in airports. The mixture of peace and anticipation felt fitting of the mood.”

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