Day 296 – a Japanese garden (in the shade)

On a twilight drive my friend and I stumbled across an intriguing little temple garden – full of statues, lanterns and patterns. I noticed some dramatic leading lines – hanging lanterns and a wooden ornamental marker creating a shadowy triangle.


Engrossed in tripods and cameras we failed to notice that the adornments and statues were actually a part of someones (elaborate) front garden. Just as I was about to set my camera up for another shot a door was sternly thrown open and a concerned looking family appeared,  angrily enquiring exactly what we were doing. We apologised profusely – as best we could, luckily able hide behind being foreign and not really understanding.

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  2. Bà Tám November 10, 2013

    I encountered similar situations countless times. At times, I was threatened of being fined or jailed 🙂 for tresspassing and security violation by some zealous security guards when I tried to photograph nice buildings.

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