Day 290- Cherry Blossoms – the instagram series

Number nine in the series. Edited in Snapseed on a Galaxy S3.

the rest in the series so far…

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  1. wordswithnannaprawn August 28, 2013

    Gorgeous – Cherry Blossom always makes me a little homesick for another corner of the Northern Hemisphere where they herald the transition between spring and summer and these shots are wonderful. I don’t quite have the same mastery with Instagram and my iphone 4 yet, but I’m learning and last weeks photo prompt had a tip about forcing focus which I didn’t know about. Fantastic to see that there is so much more potential in camera phone photography than just applying filters!

    • winegums August 29, 2013

      Where in the northern hemisphere are you talking about? 🙂 There are lots of amazing apps out there for creating some cool effect in combination with instagram. The best one I have found is definitely Snapseed. It’s fun just to play around – put some filters on in one app and then add another once it’s in instagram!

      • wordswithnannaprawn August 30, 2013

        The UK has masses of cherry blossom trees as well, so I always find it strange that it’s only ever associated with Japan. I emigrated to Australia in 2005 and haven’t seen one since, but that might be because I live in Queensland, the colder states like Victoria and the ACT have a lot of European trees so maybe someone somewhere has cultivated cherry blossoms in the Southern Hemisphere as well. I’ll have a look at Snapseed, thanks for that! and another instagrammer highlighted Marksta for watermarking before posting (not that I’m at the level were anyone would want to nick any of my photos yet!!).

    • winegums August 29, 2013

      The blossoms come out at the start of Spring – so end of April, beginning of May time. It’s a big deal over there! Every day on the news there will be ‘cherry blossom watch’ – reporting on their progress across the country. They tend to come out in the South first and move North and some people like to chase the bloom across the country. The best place to see them is definitely Kyoto – the combination of temples and history with the pretty pink snow is just amazing! The weather in Spring in Japan is generally beautiful 🙂

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