Day 287 – planting rice – grain five

In a previous post I mentioned that myself and a few friends where given the chance to plant some rice – by hand. Here’s some pictures to prove it.

Our farmer (and friend) gave us little demonstration – a few baby rice seedlings carefully nurtured in muddy lines, around a foot apart. Easy. Unfortunately, our first hours work looked like a troop of monkeys had drunkenly turned their hand to farming. Our lines were waving, bending, curving, meandering, turning and skew wiff. The romance of it all had also died after we discovered some hungry leech’s – having their lunch on us.

We persevered however, and once we got the hang of it I really enjoyed trudging up and down to a chorus of the thousands of frogs that had made the field their home (not to be confused with In the end, we managed to plant something much more symmetrical and were rewarded with a well earned BBQ and some fireworks (check out some long exposure light painting pictures I took – here and here).


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