Day 277 – Bambi’s dinner

I took this in Nara, near Kyoto. Nara is home both to the spectacular Todai-ji temple and hundreds of roaming deer. Cute yet mischievous, they will seduce you with a big doey eyes before audaciously snatching your packed lunch and running away giggling.

Unlike at the zoo, feeding them is openly encouraged. Food vending machines are dotted around the park providing tasty deer treats. You have to be careful mind – If you are a too blasé with them you will quickly find yourself amidst a stampede of peckish, pestering deer.

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  1. bosseerichsen June 15, 2013

    Yeah nara is such a great city^^ I was there on a quick stop before kyoto but loved it every where and anywhere deers…some shops even had some things in front of them so that the deers could not enter ;P… lovely place like kyoto or osaka( but osaka is not really that much touristic as it has not so much of touristic stuff….whats awesome for those how love to explore ;P)

    • winegums June 27, 2013

      Nara really is amazing – and Kyoto is one of my favourite places in the world! I think you a definitely right about Kyoto being better for tourists that Osaka – in Kyoto there is a temple and a photo round every corner 🙂

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