VOTE FOR ME (please)

A picture I took on an adventure to India (see it below and on my India blog) has been shortlisted in the Voyage Travel Magazine Photography competition, along with 55 other stunning images. The shortlist was whittled down from over a thousand pictures so I am pretty chuffed to make the cut.

The later stages of the competition are weighted- 50% voting and 50% judged. This is where the shameless plug comes in- if you have a spare few seconds could you please vote for me? As well as some others as well- there are some seriously amazing pictures!

The voting is Facebook run, all you have to do is ‘like’ my photo, similar to how you would a drunken snap from last Saturday night. You can vote by-

    1. Clicking the link-
  1. OR visiting a website I made specially to bring in some votes!-


Voting ends on the 18th March 2013.


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    • winegums February 19, 2013

      Thank you so much for voting! I really love your architecture shots, great use of blur. Did you post process the blur or is it a lensbaby? I saw on your site that you have one. I’m definitely thinking of getting one. Would you recommend it?

      • biankonera February 19, 2013

        Oh thank you! 🙂 The architecture shots were taken using Lensbaby (Composer in my case). The only post processing involved was tweaking sharpness and vibrancy a little. I would absolutely recommend Lensbaby if you like this dream-like effect it allows you to achieve. Its my go to lenss when I need a boost of inspiration. 🙂

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