Postcards from India- Richard Branson

Mumbai is the home of Bollywood and its common to run into some filming, or perhaps an actor/actress or two on affluent Marine Drive. Foreigners strolling around the area are sometimes even drafted in as extras to give films an international feel. Thus, I was a little excited when I arrived to a closed off road and a carnival of activity. I waited around, hoping to see a bolywood star or a dance number. Instead, I was greated by a Indian themed Richard Branson- playing a drum on top of a taxi and preceeded by a brass brand tooting bollywood music. I couldn’t have made it up.


Taken from my other blog- postcards from India.

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  1. wordswithnannaprawn October 30, 2012

    What in the name of sanity was THAT all about????!!! was it really him??? is he spruiking Virgin airways in some breathtakingly cultural/stereotypical insensitive mish mash PR stunt??? Madness. On reflection, it probably was him, he’s the only person still making this stuff up!!

    • winegums October 31, 2012

      It as really, really him. He was the last person I was expecting! I did a little research an I’m pretty sure he was filming and advert for virgin, they are launching roots to India.

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