Day 163- The deer of Nara

Nara is another of Japan’s gems! It is home to the Great Buddha; an awe-inspiring effigy, grandiosely housed within the largest wooden structure in the world (keep an eye out for future posts). Located just a skip and a jump from Kyoto it made the perfect day trip during a recent trip to see the cherry blossoms bloom. Like Miyajima, Nara is home to a mob of friendly deer, ambling aimlessly about. These are a few pictures I captured- a deer peacefully drinking from a still stream and a child tentatively feeding it a treat.


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    • winegums June 24, 2012

      Its so cute right? I love that they just wander about and are not scared when you get close to them 🙂 Loved your Machu Pichu blog post! I did it too 🙂 Huayna Picchu was a tough one on top of all the other walking!

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