Day 160- A Lizard

It is rice planting time in Japan, which also means it’s frog season. The paddies have been flooded ready for cultivation and thousands of frogs have adopted them as their new homes. Quiet evenings are set to a cacophony of frog chorus- adding to the early summer atmosphere as they blend peacefully into background noise. Paul McCartney would like it. As well as frogs, the lizards have awoken from hibernation, the sun putting a hop back in their step. I spotted this colourful one on an early evening stroll around a rice paddy, troubling him for a picture.






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    • winegums June 6, 2012

      He wriggled a little bit but then settled down and seemed to like it. How was your wedding… And the wedding photography? What camera is it that you have by the way? I remember you saying you had got one but I don’t think I asked what.

  1. Vividhunter June 6, 2012

    That’s a akahara imori, or Japanese fire bellied salamander, most common salamander in Japan. I don’t think they’re poisonous, but there are a heap of them at the moment!

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