Day 128- Nagasaki Lantern Festival- Part 2

Shutter Speed: 5 seconds, Aperture: F/18, ISO: 100

See part one here.

The festival centres around China town- it’s promenade draped in light as thousands of revellers jostle their way past restaurants and street vendors towards a central square of celebration, acrobatics and dancing. The ceiling was awash with light, incandescent and luminous, a twinkling canopy.

I tried a long exposure- to take in as much light as possible, constant above a squirming crowd.

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  1. Tippeh March 23, 2012

    Fantastic shot! I am a huge fan of time lapses. Those lamps are just stunning, and I am usually not a fan of shorter time lapses when it comes to people, but I really like that you can see the crowd’s faces, some half imprinted in one place but vanishing away… I love it.

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