Day 97- Laughing Ceremony: Part 2

Read Part One here…

A man bangs a drum, a steady beat to laugh to, as the master of ceremonies gets ready to judge the hysteria. Participants take it in turn to laugh. It’s not a normal laugh, but three very distinct and theatrical ones- rising from the floor like a praying mantice and slumping back down with each chuckle. It’s like a super-villains laugh, a little bit manic. If the ceremony master judges the laugh worthy he appreciatively clanks a metal plate. However, a sub-standard one is greeted with a stern expression, the laughee given a nip more sake and asked to try again.

I tried my best to capture some revellers mid-laugh; their face lit up as they wave about their ceremonial branch.




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  1. Grubby Grrrl February 2, 2012

    I like looking at the expressions of the people who aren’t laughing, like the man all the way to the right. He looks serious but someone’s laugh makes him smile. What an interesting ceremony. Couldn’t have dreamed it up myself. 🙂

    • winegums February 3, 2012

      So true! I had no idea what to expect when I turned up. They even have a competition a few weeks later and a few of my friends entered. Unfortunately they were defesated by a competetive group of sweet old ladies. The guy on the right is my favourite, he looks so serious he almost seems bored but then an occasional grin flashes across his face 🙂

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