Day 92- Scenery

A few blog entries back I posted a couple of photos of maple leaves, shot during Japan’s pretty Autumn. The photos were taken on a wander down a beautiful gorge, shrouded in gorgeous autumnal colours- from deep auburns to the vibrant reds and oranges sun-ominous with Japan in Autumn. Looking back at my shots, I found these two photos- the autumnal colours reflecting dreamily in a mountain stream.


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  1. Isaac February 3, 2012

    Man that second one’s an absolute doozer, the vivid orange leaves on the blue rocks and that circle of liquid colour around the big one there, and the triangle of shadow coming up the bank, it’s just so varied and balanced. One of my very favourites so far.

    • winegums February 6, 2012

      Thanks man! Japan certianly does like to show of in the Autumn with all the reds and then spring with the pinks. The winter however, it not the best. Mainly because they don’t seem to believe in central heating, even in schools.

  2. Mahmoud September 9, 2015

    The scene is just awesome! I’d appreciate it if you let me know where this specific place is located so that I can go there, and if I can easily access it? :))

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