Day 89- Samurai

Hagi is famous as a Samurai town. There is an old Samurai village and museum where you can usually find little tour groups from around Japan exploring. I often see a Samurai, dressed up to entertain the visitors, walking his dog around town- still doning his robe and sword.

In celebration of its Samurai heritage Hagi recently hosted a small festival in the park- with food, a parade and even a rifle display. The Sumurai in the picture below were part of the parade. I love their costumes but also thought, with a little play on photo shop, that it would look good with an edgy, grungy effect- a bit 300. I couldn’t decide between the finished photo’s and so decided on both:


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    • winegums January 22, 2012

      It was an experience πŸ™‚ Lots of things in Japan are! – Just because they are so different. I like the second image too! Thought maybe it was a little “too” photo shopped though. Thanks so much for checking out my blog πŸ™‚

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