Day 88- A Tea Ceremony

Our Japanese friend invited us to a traditional tea ceremony at her house. Tea ceremonies are heaped in tradition with all sorts of nuances and rituals. For instance- the drinker must rotate their cup so as not to drink from the front, the server must take a specific number of steps when serving the tea and the cup must be placed a specific distance from the drinker. That’s just a few I remember, wikipedia has all sorts of additional information. The tea is called Matcha (powdered green tea)- it has a rich, creamy taste whilst, at the same time, being just a little bitter.

I took this picture of our friend as she prepared the tea over a special heater built into the tatami mat floor.

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  1. marinachetner January 19, 2012

    You are so fortunate to have been part of this ceremony. I love this about Japanese culture – the precision, detail and beauty of a ritual. I love matcha and use it regularly – though in powder form in a latte 🙂 Lovely image.

    • winegums February 6, 2012

      Matcha is pretty good stuff- very pungent and strong tasting but with a creamy sort of feel. Fortunately no offence was taken to our continual flauting of the rules, there are just too many to think about. I still struggle with the taking your shoes off when entering anywhere, they are so graceful and I fumble around for ages trying my best not to touch unclean ground with my socks. I do quite like wearing slippers all the time though. Except the toilet slippers, I can’t help but feel there must have been splash back.

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