Day 9- Caught in the Rain Revisited

Day 9 has been my most popular blog post. I recently entered it into a travel photo competition in TNT Magazine, not expecting much, and was happily surprised with a runners up position!

The photo was also recently featured by a fellow blogger- The blog includes a great set of posts entitled the ‘Bolt of Inspiration’ series- picking a particular topic or subject matter and showcasing a set of related inspiring photographs. My photo was featured in Part Six, Rain.

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    • winegums January 12, 2012

      Thanks my old mate. I won a 65 pounds vocher to put towards a photography course. Not too shabby. How was your Christmas and New Years? I spent mine down under with Bronnie and her family. It’s quite disorientating to have a hot Christmas, the trees look out of place in the 35 degree heat. Back in Japan now bearing the cold, they don’t have central heating here. Not even in the schools,γ€€the kids sit there like icycles.

    • winegums January 12, 2012

      Thanks for visiting my blog and being so nice about my photo! I had a little look at your blog and I love what you have done so far- especially the photoshopped one of the balloon. I really am going to try something similar!

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