Day 80- Walking on a Shrine

Following on from my previous pictures of the Itsukashima Shrine (Click to see them) I took this shot. I thought it would be an interesting composition, to mingle the shrines many columns with its wandering admirers. I had to wait a little while, but eventually the shot fell into place- capturing each passer by in their very own picture frame.

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    • winegums December 19, 2011

      Thanks for all the support on my blog 🙂 I have gone to Australia for Christmas so there will be a little international section in my blog soon! Thanks so much for the nomination, I am going to have a good loot at it when I get a second and will be sure to nominate you back!

      • marinachetner December 20, 2011

        I am so jealous you are in Oz for Xmas. I cannot wait to see your photos. Request: coffee shop shots, street scapes and water/beach shots 🙂 So looking forward to your post from there. Thanks for producing a great blog 🙂

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