Day 75- Miyajima and a Floating Shrine

The Itsukushima shrine is a maze of halls and pathways set on stilts above water, appearing to float at high tide in a similar way to the floating tori gate. Miyajima is considered a sacred island and so the shrine was built in order to maintain its purity- allowing common pilgrims to approach without actually setting foot on land.

Preserving the purity of the shrine is very important. No deaths or births are permitted near the shrine. Pregnant women are expected to retreat from the island, as are the terminally ill or very elderly.

I took this picture whilst exploring, I liked the symmetry provided by the red columns and the way they frame the shot- alluding to the size of the shrine as it weaves long the shore.

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    • winegums December 5, 2011

      They are pretty supersticious about death in Japan. You probably know, seeing as you studied it and all, but there are two words for four in Japanese- Shi and Yon. The Shi form is rarely used as it means death and is bad luck- they even miss out floor four on elevator numbers and lockers. I’m not entirely sure why they don’t get rid of the shi form altogether.

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