Day 74- Miyajima and a Floating Gate

Miyajima is beautiful to wander around. Weaving your way between the islands friendly deer you can gape a amazing temples; stroll besides peaceful rivers and scramble up mountains for an awe inspiring views.

Top of the bill is the islands mystical floating Tori gate. It greets you on the ferry over- emerging gracefully out of the water, glinting in the sun. It doesn’t actually float- the illusion is spoilt as the tide retreats. It just sounds better that way.

These are some of my favourite shots. In the first I tired to join the gate to a temple, by a corner, for a more intriguing composition. In the next, I liked the the Japanese man peering into the side of the shot. Last, I love the way the deer appears to be staring, doe eyed and contemplative, across the water.



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    • winegums December 3, 2011

      Thank you! I checked out your blog and there are some really cool pictures. I have a Diana too. Still haven’t quite go to grips with it though. My first black and white film looked awful!

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