Day 73- Miyajima

This is the first of a series of blog posts from Miyajima- a holy island near Hiroshima boasting temples, rivers, mountains, friendly deer, monkeys and a mystical floating Tori gate.

The island is shrouded in legend and myth. A favourite story is that couples visiting together must receive a blessing, or else be destined to separate. In as much, the island is a popular choice for weddings- giving me the chance to take this photo of a Japanese girl and American marine on their happy day. I love the mix of imagery; of the traditional, delicate kimono and the rigid, militant uniform- cultures joined by the hand. I decided to take the picture from behind, showing off the elaborateness of the Kimono’s obi and capturing the weddings official photographer peering round the see what I was up to.

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  1. Andy Martin November 30, 2011

    Super! Evocative with knobs on – pure post WW2 movies and Rogers and Hammerstein.

    Many of your followers might wish they had visited the island and avoided being blessed…..

  2. Andy Martin December 2, 2011

    West embraces East – the future of, and hope for, the world encapsulated in a single shot.

    As to your query above, think South Pacific. Jeez – I’m too old for this newfangled blog stuff….

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