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  1. Grubby Grrrl December 1, 2011

    Saw your blog on the “Make Something 365”. Love your photos – they’re beautiful. And so interesting to me – I’ve never visited an Asian country but am fascinated by Japan. Thank you for all the pics!

    • winegums December 1, 2011

      Thanks for being so nice about my pictures! I checked out your blog too and I love it 🙂 I saw you have brought Noah’s book- are you finding lots of inspiring ideas in there to help get you through the 365?

      • Grubby Grrrl December 1, 2011

        Thank you. I do like his book. I think they are little puzzles to solve. Like “make something out of only white materials” and “make something heavy appear light.” Not sure how helpful it would be with a photography project, though.

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