Day 65- Dragons in Okinawa

Okinawa is a part of Japan, though you can list the similarities on one hand- 1.The language… maybe one finger. They are a tropical set of islands with their own unique culture- a laid back Caribbean version of Japan. I used one of Japans many extended weekends for a visit, choosing a small island off the main one and staying a few hundred metres from white sands with little bits of coral washed up on shore.

Okinawa’s symbol is a dragon, and its everywhere- in all colours, shapes and sizes! It seemed a good photo project, the best ones all arranged in a mosaic.

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  1. Isaac November 17, 2011

    Hurray! I have a link that works. Only 65 days to catch up on. Well done old man, only 300 left to take… I like the pink ones with the battalion of further dragons behind, they look proper menacing. Apart from being pink.

    • winegums November 19, 2011

      Why thank you old chap. I especially like the pink little guys in the opposing corner, one looking very discerning at the other. Thanks for the blog check, feel free to whizz it round to the crew. How are things in London town, I expect Christmas is swinging round? They are not so big on it here so I miss out on all the lights and festive cheer.

  2. Isaac November 22, 2011

    Ha! Yeah he’s giving him a good glare hey – as if to say, this crazy pink nutter’s nothing to do with me.

    As for the festive season – it’s grey and there are incessant jingles on tv. You’re missing out man.

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