Day 50- Gion

The next few blog posts are from a trip to Kyoto, my favourite place in Japan. This photo was taken in Gion- famous for Geishas and the tea houses where they entertain. Gion is mesemerising to walk around- meandering through an endless maze of pint-sized streets, all lined with cute little shops, restaurants, and tea houses- it feels as though you are in traditional Japan, but with a very modern edge. There are international restaurants and cool bars, all intertwined with traditional Japanese Izakayas’ and beautiful Buddhist temples. At night everything lights up- in a subtle, pretty way; not like the neon glow of other Japanese cities. I took this picture using a long exposure, capturing couples and friends sprawled along the river bank enjoying one of the last evenings of summer.

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  1. Andy Martin October 31, 2011

    Good stuff, James. You are right – you will struggle to find any place in Japan more scenic, interesting, and “quaint” than Kyoto. It always seemed anomalous to me that it is an anagram of Tokyo – which is at the opposite extreme in the “scenic, interesting and quaint” stakes.

    Bring on the geishas!

    • winegums October 31, 2011

      Unfortunately I didn’t manage to spot a Geisha. They hurry through back streets in-between appointments and aren’t easy to run into. I expect I will track one down before the year is out. I certainly have preferred Kyoto to the bigger cities I have been too- though I should give Osaka a chance.

  2. Andy Martin November 1, 2011

    Don’t forget to try the okonomiyaki in Osaka – the best there is. Get a photo of an okonomiyaki delivery geisha on a moped, and blog of the year is in the bag.

    • winegums November 1, 2011

      I will try it there. I have had it a fair few times already- including an okonomiyaki party. It is usually Osaka style. I have had it with noodles but not layered- which is Hiroshima style. I will look out for that shot but I feel like it could be a fair while before I catch a Geisha on a scooter. A rickshaw maybe… Though my friend did sit in front of one on the Shinkansen.

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