Day 19- Fukuoka

We arrived in Fukuoka on a Friday night and failed miserably at navigating out way through the subway to our hostel- eventually giving up and hailing a taxi. The hostel was, to put it nicely, rustique- the beds rickety and three tiered, one bathroom between twenty and all a bit unorganised. However, it had a dishevelled charm and the owner was a bit of a character- offering to be our cheap taxi about town. We headed straight out into the city lights, for the busy shopping centres and cheap ramen. In Fukuoka Ramen (noodles and meat in a broth) is sold by street vendors in cute little make-shift restaurants along the river. Walking around it felt nice to be in a big city again, with the sense of bussle and excitement you don’t often get in sleepy beach towns like Hagi.

Like Tokyo, Fukuoka was light brightly with neon at night. I took this picture whilst walking along the river, reflecting the city lights.

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