Day 18- The Shinkansen- Part 1

Hagi isn’t the biggest of places and after a few weeks we were ready to go exploring. We decided on Fukuoka, a city on Kyushu island. This gave us an excuse to ride the Shinkansen- Japan’s bullet train, reaching speed of up to 300 km per hour. I didn’t really know what to expect and was excited on the platform- amongst Japanese businessmen wondering why I was waiting so expectantly with my camera. Unusually, it was twenty minutes late, but it was worth the wait! As it steamed in you could feel the speed vibrate in your stomach and hear sonic in your ears. The ride was smooth and surreal- the world streaming past in blurred lines. It is difficult to comprehend just how fast you are going and how impressed you should be. Somehow we made up the 20 minutes we were delayed in a 40 minute journey.


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  1. Rob K September 12, 2011

    I would have been delighted. ‘Much better then being on one of those flying coffins, where you never leave anywhere near your departure time and you get put in stack etc’

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