Day 7- The Beach

Hagi is a beach town! Being from rainy London, this is a novelty that does not seem to be wearing thin fast and I’m sure there will be lots more beach photos in the future. Or at least until the jelly fish arrive in August some time and swimming becomes a gamble. This photo was taken on my first visit- being new to the area we cycled around a little lost and ended up stumbling upon what is know as the ‘secret’ beach. The fact that it has a name suggests it can’t be that secret but it seems to ring true in that there never seems to be anyone there but us.

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  1. Emily September 18, 2011

    James your photos are amazing! I just had a browse through them all they’re awesome, this is one of my favourites it’s so beautiful. I enjoyed reading about them all as well, nice to hear about what you’ve been up to 🙂

    • winegums September 19, 2011

      Thanks Em! I try my best 🙂 I do love the that beach, though the novelty is wearing off a bit now. Thanks for subscribing! I am still a little behind as I didn’t have the internet properly till really recently so there will be lots more soon.

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