Day 3- The Lights of Toyko

Exhausted from a lack of sleep and traipsing the streets of Tokyo we scaled the stairs of the Tokyo Government building with the promise of a spectacular view. The cityscape did not disappoint and I think sums up Tokyo quite well- a sprawling maze of neon, tall buildings and confusing things. I have to say it is not my favourite city- it seems to lack the history and unique charm of lots of the capitals I have visited. However, seeing as my time was very limited and there are many places I did not see, maybe I am being a little too judgemental.

Comment 1

  1. Rob K September 12, 2011

    Ha Ha, you cant hang around Rob Knowles for 6 months and not become an expert on capital cities. And i must have taught u summit, considering you referenced ‘history’ as being a positive component to the makeup of a city!

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