Day 2- The Drinks of Tokyo

My second day in Japan was mostly spent either sleeping, or trying not to fall asleep. So, in order to try and wake ourselves up, we decided a drink might be a good idea. After meandering through the streets of Tokyo for a while, we settled on a traditional looking bar and proceeded to wade our way through the confused stares caused by our cumulative 10 words of Japanese. To get in the Japanese spirit I ordered sake, a chilled bottle with cute little cups. Frankly, I don’t like it. I drank it all the same, wincing, and the bottle seemed to be a good a model as any for my second photo.

To top off the night I had my first experience of Japanese toilet slipper etiquette- after removing your shoes on entry, there are a selection of a slippers neatly lined up for you to wear into the toilet so as not to get your socks wet. I try not to think where they have been. It is important to note- do not return from the toilet wearing these slippers, people find it funny.

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