Day 1- The Streets of Tokyo

Having arrived in Tokyo after a lovely 12 hour flight we took to the streets like jet lagged zombies to have a look around. Tokyo’s overwhelming size and our dishevelled state lead us to wander, not really knowing where we were going- just tourists in a new place seeing what we could find. We ran into a Shintoist shrine, ate in our first revolving Sushi bar and stumbled across the crossing infamous for both its sheer size and very patient pedestrians. Instead of just the one photo, I thought I would upload a selection of favourites.










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  3. remszi July 1, 2014

    I know…I’m only 3 years late with this question but do you remember what lense you were using here? (esp. 1st. and 2nd photos) 🙂

    • winegums July 12, 2014

      This was right at the start of my trip – and also the start of my photographic journey. I have improved so much as a photographer during the course of this project. Back when I took these I was just using a Nikon D3000 with its kit lens – a 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 with VR.

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